February 4: Thoughts for the Day

Forty years ago today, Patty Hearst was kidnapped in Berkeley, California by the Symbionese Liberation Army and then, not long thereafter, she joined the organization. The world has changed a lot since then. I still wonder whether her conversion was a classic example of Stockholm Syndrome or something entirely different.  I remember the way many people judged her without having any knowledge of what she might have endured. In that sense, the world hasn’t changed much.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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  1. I’ve always thought you were responsible for Patty Hearst’s attachment to the SLA! Seriously, I don’t think your assertion of dominance has any relationship to Stockholm; you simply take control of a situation in which you SHOULD be in control. But, in the final analysis, what the F do I know??

    Things are changing fast, Juan. VERY fast. Our listing will be live, soon. Won’t be long before we have to leave…with no where to go!

  2. juanon says:

    Tuesday, we were in the Art Museum at the college. During my lecture, one student was particularly loud and talkative. I ignored it at first. His jokey responses to my questions began their trial on me — and when he continued, I simply called his name and told him to “get out.”

    He tried to make excuses, but I repeated, “I said, get out! Go!”

    The response from the other students was utter silence. Then complete respect. I made my presence known and that I actually have limits. Someone,though, had to act as the sacrificial lamb.

    Later that day, the student emailed me and apologized. I emailed him back said, “I appreciate your apology. It shows maturity.”

    Now, as a college teacher I’ve performed this tactic many times. Here’s the outcome: That student will now become very close to me. Others will know there are limits with me, and that I’ll take action. Is that Stockholm? What happens when one oppresses another and then releases him/her from it. It’s a weird effect.

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