February 25: Thoughts for the Day

I have a thin, slow-growing beard that will never give me impressive facial hair.  But I consider that a blessing.  Outside the traditional workforce, I can get away with shaving every two or even three days.  I like that.  But I would like it even more if I could go a week or more without shaving.  Well, I could.  But my thin, slow-growing beard would look (and feel) hideous.  So I am quite satisfied to shave ever other day or so.  It feels so good to be newly shaved; I love the smoothness of my face and neck when the razor has just done its job.   I realize this sensation is absolutely decadent.  I am grateful for my life, that I can experience the luxury of a new, clean shave, on a schedule that suits me.

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  1. I remember my father’s double-sided safety razor. The blade was held in place by a two-part metal hood. The hood separated in the middle and swung up on both sides to reveal the blade when the base of the handle was twisted. I am afraid I would slit my throat if I used one; I am a slave to Gillette’s Fusion these days. Still, if an ancient safety razor could reduce the frequency of my need to shave, I might try it!

  2. juan says:

    I still use a double-sided safety razor. No plastic involved; not expensive at all — the kind that affords you steel blades at the grocery store, 10 for 2 dollars. Each blade lasts me about 3 days, especially if I’m careful about using one side for one day, another for the next, then both sides for the third.

    I pride myself on its use, something that I think about every morning as I run it through steamy hot water. It was one of the few things that I found and kept from my father’s trove of bathroom articles some weeks after his death. The razor must be a good 15 or 20 years old.

    Now I notice the guy on Pawnbrokers has for sale as some exotic item. Ha!

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