Fancy Lunch

Today, I willingly go off the South Beach diet at lunch time. The menu for today at the Pulaski Technical College Culinary Arts program Food Production IV lunch consists of:

  • Butternut Squash soup
  • Mussels Mouclade and Spinach Mousse
  • Beef Wellington
  • Crème Brulee

Before looking at the menu, I had never heard of mussels mouclade. After a wee bit of web surfing, I found a recipe for mussels mouclade with spinach mousse here, which also is the source of the photo below.

I have had beef Wellington, though it’s been quite some time. Coincidentally, not long ago I found a recipe for beef Wellington for two, quite a trick given the cut of beef involved in the dish. Now, I wonder whether I saved it? No matter; I doubt I’ll be making it any time soon.

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