Ephemeral Art

Art of Andre Amador, from his website.

I have to admit it; Facebook can at times be entertaining and educational.  This morning, for example, I glanced at a link shared by a friend, whose comment about the link was “Wow!”  And it was.  After exploring the link,  I agreed with her.  I found myself fascinated by the work of an artist, Andres Amador, whose primary “canvas” is the beach at low tide.  The creativity necessary to produce his art is, truly, amazing.  In viewing his Facebook page and his website, it occurred to me how completely wrapped up in enjoying life this guy is; he creates for the sake of creating and he enjoys beauty for just as long as it exists, then goes on to something else just as beautiful.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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2 Responses to Ephemeral Art

  1. There is, isn’t there? That parallel escaped me until you mentioned it; interesting how perspective can shape understanding!

  2. jserolf says:

    There’s even something ironically paralleling between Amador’s work and FB — that what he creates on that watery shore is as fleeting as what we find on FB.

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