This morning, I’m off to drive my favorite spouse to the airport, whence she will wing her way to San Francisco for a four-day high school reunion getaway.  I will occupy my time with various projects I choose to pursue, along with some focused time to write. I’ve stopped posting the writing I’m serious about, as that eliminates its eligibility for first publication by most traditional publishers.

Yesterday, during my writers’ critique group, the group leader lauded a piece I’d offered for critique, suggesting it would be good for a public reading at an event scheduled for next May.  Other members of group liked it, as well, though one member said “you’re weird;” apparently, she equates my personality with the bizarre subject of piece I submitted for review.  The story was unusual; I’ll give her that.

Thanks to a blogger friend’s photo postings and her discussion of cameras, I finally stopped talking about buying a new camera and actually did it.  It arrived by UPS late yesterday afternoon, but I was too spent to do more than open the box to confirm its contents.  Soon, though, I’ll explore the camera and what I can do with it.  I bought the very same camera she did; I figure if she considers it a decent camera and a good buy, it will meet my needs just fine. I even ordered it from the same place. I’ll quickly add that the quality of the photos will not equal hers, though, until I have considerably more experience under my belt.  Thanks, Robin, for allowing me in on your discussions!

It is astonishingly early, even for me, so I will get about my business of driving in the dark to enable my wife to catch an early morning flight.


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4 Responses to Drive-Write-Focus

  1. Robin, I am looking forward to using the camera…just now charging the battery for the first time. I tend to procrastinate when instruction books are involved, and this camera does not look like one that I can use without reading it…so, eventually…! Larry, you’re right, methinks! Thanks, Pauline…you give such encouraging comments!

  2. robin andrea says:

    We’re all weird here, aren’t we?

    I like the Lumix. It does GREAT close-ups of very faraway birds. I’m still learning how to photograph my beloved cloudy skies. There are some bells and whistles (otherwise known as real photography) that I don’t understand. I used to be able to just hit a little button on my old Lumix and make the scene brighter or darker before I clicked. I haven’t figured out how to do that yet, and it is very important to me for photographing the sky. I can’t wait to see what you think. The view from your deck will be close up and gorgeous.

  3. Larry Zuckerman says:

    You must be weird. Look at the people you attract.

  4. People think Stephen King is weird, but it doesn’t stop him. Think of yourself as being unique. I enjoy your posts – from the weird to the sublime. Keep up the writing!

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