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Approximately four hours after we left Hot Springs Village, we arrived in Bentonville/Rogers. First stop was a furniture store whose website advertised that they carry the Mostly Danish Furniture brand of home furnishings. The sales staff and management did not know what Danish furniture was, though one guessed it was similar to mid-century modern (pretty close). But they assured us that, despite the company website’s claim to the contrary, they do not and have not stocked products from that company in the memory of anyone on staff. Because it was after noon, we left the store to assuage our grief in food.

We stopped at Taqueria Vega, where I ordered a coctel de siete mares and Janine chose two tacos de lengua. I have to say the place was an excellent little spot for real Mexican food; I’d go back. From there, we wandered into downtown Rogers, seeking the Ozark Brewery, which had just opened up in its new location (a cool old industrial building that they’re refurbishing). The nice woman behind the massive concrete bar offered us a flight of six beers (which she made up on-the-fly, as they only officially offer flights of four), which we tasted and enjoyed immensely. Then, we ambled from resale shop to resale shop in old downtown Rogers, viewing all manner of antiques and long-forgotten gadgets and doo-dads from years gone by, stopping long enough at one shop to select a huge assortment of taffy from barrels of the stuff with flavors ranging from licorice to chocolate mint and cinnamon to almond creame; naturally, we bought quite a selection, which was gone by the time we went to bed last night.

Time spent in Rogers and Bentonville is not well-spent unless one visits at least two breweries, so a little later we spent time in New Province Brewing’s tasting room, where between the two of us we tasted eight beers. After enjoying a full day of beer and Mexican food and general decadence, we checked into our motel and considered our options for dinner. There are many, but finally we decided to go for Thai Basil, a place quite near our hotel. I ordered my old Thai standby, Pad Kee Mao (with chicken), and my favorite wife went for Pad See Ew (with beef). Back in the room, we lazed about, reading and such, before retiring early.

Today, we’re off to see the Border Cantos  exhibit at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, then a quick visit with Julie and back home. Quick trips like this tend to rejuvenate me; longer trips add fuel to the rebirth of creativity and energy. We need to take longer trips!

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