Doing Without: First Success

The month of August has passed and so has my first successful month of doing without. I gave up coffee for the entire month with no difficulty.  Today, I began September with a treat: a cup of very nice, rich, medium roast coffee prepared by my nephew.  It was good.  Very, very good.

I can’t say doing without this first month had any real impact on what I think or who I am, but it gives me a sense of pride in sticking to my commitment; I had the discipline to do without something I enjoy for 31 consecutive days.

The month of September is my month to do without alcohol.  My wife, who’s my biggest supporter, suggested it would be OK if I wanted to defer my alcohol deprivation until after the Labor Day weekend, but I decided to stick with my commitment.  So, for the month of September, my plan is to drink no alcohol.

My “alternative” to coffee for the month of August was to be the act of walking, which did not materialize to the extent it should have, but I will plan to walk more in September, especially when the temperatures are cooperative.  For September, my alternative will be to drink iced tea; that’s a suitable substitute and may well help propel me to walk more.

More as I go along…

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6 Responses to Doing Without: First Success

  1. Thanks, Robin. I did not have any withdrawal symptoms…probably because I’ve been drinking far less coffee than I used to drink; only a cup or two a day. The alcohol-free month may be a challenge!

  2. robin andrea says:

    That’s really impressive, John. Did you have any caffeine-withdrawal headaches? Good luck with the alcohol-free month of September. At least it only has 30 days. I might have saved that one for February!

  3. jserolf says:

    I’ll join you on this. Iced tea it is…..hmm, maybe different kinds of iced tea, or teas….;)

  4. 24 years…I might be completely detoxed in that timeframe…

  5. Larry Zuckerman says:

    I went without alcohol for 24 years !!

  6. druxha says:

    Great you could stick with your commitment, John. I doubt I could ever do a month without coffee! Best of luck for your alcohol free, September!! Rooting for you!

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