Deep, deep dark

The power here is not dependable.  For the fifth time since we moved here in April, the power is out.  The last time was caused by human idiocy…a car careening into a power pole out of old-age wrecklessness.   This time, a lightening strike close-by did the deed.  We saw the flash, heard the crack of nearby thunder, and then…darkness.  This time, it’s really darkness.  Heretofore, the power has gone out in daylight hours.  This time, utter darkness prevails.

I am learning from these events. We depend on electricity far more than we realize. It provides light, fuel for cooking, power for keeping our food cool or frozen and our AC and heat operable, and our entertainment readily accessible.

I’m so used to having ready power that a sudden loss of electricity rips me from the current century into a time of far more challenging hardship…except for the ready availability of my iPad.

fumbling around in near-total-darkness revealed how utterly unprepared I am for a loss of power. Tomorrow, after our trip to Olive Branch, MS to look at vehicles, I will invest in lanterns and better flashlights and more robust batteries.

The rain is driven hard by the wind…hearing without seeing it is an odd experience.  Little hardships can provide big lessons.  We are, above all else, weak and vulnerable.


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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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