December 10: Thoughts for the Day

In the past, but not so much lately, I have seen replicas of eggs—chicken eggs—made of agate or other stone.  Typically, I’ve seen them in gift shops or in individual homes; they are on display.  Just there to look at.  And I’ve wondered why.  Why do people make these stone or rock eggs?  Why do people put them on display.  Now I know.  Eggs just have a cool shape, pleasing to the eye.  That  must be it.  I’ve hit upon the answer to one of life’s perplexing questions.

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  1. In days gone by, people lived on farms, grew chickens who laid eggs providing nourishment for the farm families. Egg shaped items were often put in the nests with the belief that they encourage the chickens to lay real eggs… Whether it worked or not, I have no idea. Could this be a holdover from that?

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