Dad’s Birthday

Today would have been my dad’s birthday.  I’ve written a little about him from time to time, but nothing has seemed quite right, quite sufficient.  It may take me a while yet, as I think I have to become more like him before I can really know enough about him to write about him.  He was a very good man, a better man than I am.  I still miss him.  One day, I’ll be able to put into words my thoughts and emotions about him.  In the interim, I’ll simply wish him happy birthday.  I love you, dad.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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3 Responses to Dad’s Birthday

  1. druxha says:

    Yes, I was confused..saw your original post date July 18th, reposted for Sept. 27th….and yes, appearing the day before your mother birthday is strange…wonder how that happened?

  2. That’s odd…I posted this on my dad’s birthday, July 18. I got a notice that it just got posted, too. Tomorrow is my mom’s birthday…how odd that this thing on my dad shows up the day before.

  3. druxha says:

    Awe…nice, John. September 27th, he was a Libra, too! 🙂

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