This evening promises a welcome diversion from reality. We’ll attend a two and a half hour cooking class at Garvan Gardens, where we’ll see and partake of a demonstration for three courses, each paired with a special brew from Bubba Brews Brewing Company… and...enjoy samplings from each course including Tuna Tartare on wonton round, Samoa-encrusted Mahi-Mahi Tacos, with Mango and Jicama slaw, and Ginger-Lemongrass Coconut Cream, and Woven Melons, wrapped around vanilla bean ice cream. Now, doesn’t that sound intriguing? Yes, it most certainly does.

Keeping in the vein of relying on food to wash away the troubles of the world, I will prepare a chicken casserole this weekend for a Mother’s Day lunch on Sunday at HSV Unitarian Universalist Church. I’ve settled on using chicken and potatoes and lemon as the primary ingredients, but I have yet to decide which spices I will use to round out the dish. The UU diners do not know that they will be guinea pigs for a recipe I have never made; it’s probably best to keep them in the dark about that.

I infrequently incorporate food in my fiction. As I contemplate that fact, I realize it’s strange that something so important to who I am so rarely finds its way into my writing; well, I do write about food regularly on my blog, but I don’t incorporate food into my fiction with any regularity. I think I must change that; my characters ought to crave dishes that echo my own cravings.

This afternoon, I will practice reading the fiction I will read aloud at an upcoming event. Perhaps I should edit my piece a bit, adding an affinity for a certain food to enliven the main character.  Blood sausage might be apropos; or maybe a piece of venison backstrap.

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