Cloudy Clarity

The moments of absolute clarity, those instances in which the veil of confusion lifts and the realities of the world reveal themselves, are precious.  Precious is synonymous with rare, isn’t it?  Well, yes it is.  And those moments of pristine clarity are rare, indeed.  So rare, in fact, that I’ve only heard whispers of them; I’ve never actually experienced them.  Maybe “them” is the wrong pronoun.  Perhaps “it” would be better usage.  Are we talking about “that” moment of absolute clarity, rather than “those” moments?  (And who is this “we” in this context, you have to wonder.)

Am I using the correct pronoun? Such a deep question!  But aren’t they all just as “deep?”  Aren’t all our questions really just  as shallow and self-centered?  “Am I using the correct pronoun?”  As if anyone cared!

Well, “they” should care!  You see, clarity is elusive and knowledge is a fragile thing.  Noise and confusion can quickly muddy those brief moments of understanding, hiding and then shattering what once was “truth.”  Just how many moments of clarity can any of us hope to achieve in our all-too-brief lifetimes?

I think all these questions must have arisen from being up too early with too little coffee yet.  Something about the darkness of pre-dawn makes me seriously silly with questions that aren’t so silly, after all.

About John Swinburn

"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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