Cinco de Mayo Party

Last night, we hosted our First Annual Cinco de Mayo Party, using an “Americanized” version of a Mexican holiday with limited Mexican recognition as an excuse to throw a party. Twenty-two of us enjoyed tacos, chips and salsas, jicama slaw, margaritas, and flan and key lime pie for dessert. The guest list was composed, primarily, of neighbors and a few others who had some connections with us or with neighbors; if we’d had more space, we would have invited more; next time, maybe we will.

We enjoyed getting to know some folks a little better and spending time with people whose company we already knew we enjoyed. Guests brought guacamole, dips, and desserts (and one even brought a 1.75 litre bottle of tequila) [and my sister-in-law brought the jicama slaw and a special gift for me…a bottle of deadly hot salsa that damn near burned my tongue into a wizened ash; fortunately, the pain dissipated before the other guests arrived]. I piped in my newly-created Spotify Cinco de Mayo song list through the ceiling speakers; it didn’t take long for conversation to drown the music.

It was fun! I’ve never much enjoyed entertaining, but I guess I must be changing; I liked it a lot. And, to top it off, I learned one of the guests is a freethinker who spoke highly of the freethinker meetings in Hot Springs.

Tacos and margaritas can lubricate social intercourse of all stripes!

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