Christian Nation

A friend of mine who shares many of my attitudes about religion suggested to me recently that I read a book, a novel, she had just started reading.  She suggested I would find it interesting, but she warned me that I would find it upsetting, as well. I finally got my hands on a copy through inter-library loan and began reading it.  She was right.  It’s upsetting. Though it’s a novel, it paints an all-too-plausible and even likely picture of the future of the USA.

The book is Christian Nation by Frederic Rich.   It presents a fictionalized account of the future of the USA, had the McCain/Palin ticket won the 2008 election.  Whether you’re Christian (except nutcase evangelical), Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist, or Pagan, I think you’ll find the scenario offered in the book to be all-to-plausible.

I’ve not read the entire book, but the first few chapters are sufficiently riveting and frightening that I wanted to share, early.  It’s scary stuff.

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