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My mind wandered deep into my past this morning, suddenly and for no apparent reason. In my mind’s eye, I saw images of items I probably last saw when I was a very young child. I remembered tiny replicas of … Continue reading

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Border Child

As a child, I never really understood how close to the border we lived. But Google Maps put it in perspective. We lived considerably less than a mile from the U.S.-Mexico border, defined by a river, the Rio Grande. Maybe … Continue reading

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Crossing My Own Borders

Just moments ago, I wrote an email to a friend that included a comment about tamales. I said “…my tamales do not compare to those made by little old Mexican grandmothers whose recipes for pork and jalapeño tamales involve lard … Continue reading

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Memories of the Border

Memories of my childhood are rare.  For reasons unknown to me, much of the stuff of my childhood seems to have simply vanished from my brain.  I do have memories, but it’s quite possible the majority of those few are not … Continue reading

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Photos from Mexico

I was not as much of a photographer as I would liked to have been during our visit with my brother and his wife in Mexico.  However, I rationalize the relative paucity of photos by arguing that I was more … Continue reading

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Back home in Ajijic

Four-plus hours after we started the journey from Manzanillo back to Ajijic, we arrived.  After a quick bite at a wonderful open-air restaurant (best grilled octopus I’ve ever had), we’re unwinding at my brother’s and sister-in-law’s place.  Here are a … Continue reading

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Questions, always questions

Rain and thunder awakened me for the second day in a row. Before daybreak, the volume and intensity  of the rain confirmed another very heavy downpour, but like yesterday the weather changed quickly to a hazy, humid, overcast day, followed … Continue reading

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Beach life

Last night or early this morning the skies over Manzanillo ruptured. Before daylight the sound of rain pelting the tile roof and windows was deafening.  Thunder rattled the building and flashes of lightning lit the entire apartment.  A short while … Continue reading

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Barra de Navidad

Got up late this morning, again.  Lolled about on the patio, playing Words with Friends, then I make a quick breakfast of tocino de pavo y juevos. The four of us then drove toward Barra de Navidad, a seacoast town … Continue reading

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The sounds of Pacific Ocean waves pounding against the shore are extraordinary.  Massive crashing thuds remove any misconception that humans control this planet.  We are powerless.  We can only sit and observe in righteous awe.

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Another life, another time

Walking along the the Lake Chapala waterfront in Ajijic, Jalisco, I cannot help but wonder if the “good old days” in the USA might once have been like this.  There are couples strolling along the malecón and families gathered around … Continue reading

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