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Big Dreams and Facing Facts

Facts often block the way for wishes, desires, and dreams. Facts dig wide trenches between here and there…between now and then…filling the channels with acid and alligators and creatures hungry to tear hopes into lifeless memories. Those damn facts! Why … Continue reading

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I tell myself I am not superstitious. I say I dismiss the concept that coincidences have “meaning.” There is absolutely no reason to believe that, when I think about a person with enough focus, enough intensity, that person will reciprocate … Continue reading

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The Capacity for Understanding

As I was reading some of my old blog posts, looking for a reason to cling to hope for humanity, I came upon the following words which were included in a longer sentence: …we must be capable of acknowledging and … Continue reading

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Ideas and Power

Ideas are only as powerful as the people who believe them. Powerful people exert their influence in innumerable ways, ushering ideas into pragmatic expression. Powerful ideas need not emerge from the creativity of powerful people; ideas that become powerful simply¬†acquire … Continue reading

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