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The Subaru had its 60K maintenance yesterday, along with new brake pads. I feel confident I could have purchased a serviceable used car for what we paid to keep the four-year-old vehicle operating as intended. Except there’s this one thing…

For literally a couple of years, I’ve been meaning to mention to the service advisors that the automatic tracking headlights (or whatever they are called) don’t seem to work. When we first got the car, I noticed the lights (at night) seemed to move and “wash” the roadside as we rounded curves. Sort of cool. But that stopped at some point. We don’t drive much at night, so we didn’t notice the absence often; but I noticed it. I just kept forgetting to inquire. Well, yesterday I did.

I was told our car does not have auto tracking lights. Maybe fog lights, but not headlights. Okay, I said, what about that. They checked. No, you don’t have any of that stuff. I left; dissatisfied and a little miffed. I pulled out the sticker that was on the car window when we bought it. Sure enough, it had the fog light package; lights that “moved.”

I’ve decided the problem began in 2017 when we had the 30K mile maintenance. It was then that we complained about the GPS not working properly. They reinstalled the software. Yesterday, when the guys were checking, I noticed that they checked the software associated with the GPS; that’s where they looked but did not find the fog light sofware. Bingo! When they “fixed” the software in 2017, they must have deleted or overwritten the fog light software.

So…I will take the car back to Subaru after our next road trip. And we’ll see what they decide to do about it.

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