Cancer Journal 24, 2019

My radiologist resumed my radiation treatments today. I didn’t expect that he would in light of the fact that the pain I feel when I swallow hasn’t receded at all. He said “I hope the pain goes away after we complete all the treatments.” Yeah, me, too.

I lost a meager 4 pounds since last week, which was 4 pounds more than they wanted me to lose. I would have preferred losing 24 pounds, but that’s probably really pushing it in a week. I just finished eating several cookies and a couple of pastries, which probably will put my weight loss in the negative column for next week. That, plus the ice cream and macaroni & cheese that’s easier to eat than most other stuff.

Pain seems to be on the increase in my gut and on my skin. I’ll have to explore than with a doctor next time I see one. I’m surprised the next blood draw won’t be until a week from today. That will make it thirteen days between blood draws. I think they forgot one, but even after inquiring of the nurse, I was assured that, no, the schedule was intended. Except their original schedule, which remains on my portal, disputes that. Even after I pointed that out, the “nurse navigator” insisted the original schedule was highly tentative. Hmmm.

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