Cancer Journal 22, 2019

Apparently I misunderstood my doctor yesterday. He said, but I did not hear, that he wanted to postpone further radiation treatments until next Thursday. I went in for my treatment this morning and the radiation tech informed me that the doctor had delayed further treatments until a week from yesterday, thanks to my seared esophagus. So, I felt like a cretin, but actually was pleased. Even though this will delay completion of my radiation treatments by a week, I think I will be happier to know that my esophagus is healing. I’m continuing the medications he prescribed a week ago and I expect I’ll be fine a week from now. So goes cancer treatments.

With this delay, I have no treatments, no blood draws, NOTHING, until next Thursday. I may just relax and vegetate for the next several days. I felt absolutely drained this afternoon, so much so that I opted to let Janine go shopping, fill up the car with gas, and get the mail while I sat and relaxed in the car. And when we got home, I went to sleep in my recliner. I guess it’s either the radiation or the chemo or both, perhaps combined with stress of some sort caused by the whole cancer treatment process. I feel very much like I could sleep for two days right about now, but I won’t. I’ve made commitments. Though I realize I could, in a pinch, break them.


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2 Responses to Cancer Journal 22, 2019

  1. Thanks, Robin. I think I’ll do exactly that.

  2. I’m glad you have a week off of the treatment, John. Definitely sounds like a good time to veg out and relax.

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