Cancer Journal 18, 2019

My radiologist called in two prescriptions for me yesterday in response to my recent issues with burning pain after swallowing. My regular pharmacy told me yesterday there were “issues” regarding the amount of time for which the drugs were prescribed. I opted to let the pharmacy work it out and pick them up today. Only one was ready today; the pharmacy was out of stock on the other. Fortunately, a nearby pharmacy had it in stock, so the prescription was transferred. The two prescriptions, coupled with another “prescribed” intake, aloe vera juice, make for a complicated regimen four times a day: drink aloe, wait twenty minutes, take drug 1, wait 20 minutes, take drug 2 (which is first crushed and mixed with 10cc of water), and wait 20 minutes. What a pain! It could be worse, though, so I’ll try not to complain. And if the regimen causes the swallowing-related pain to disappear, it’s most definitely worthwhile.  We’ll see.

I spoke to my primary care doc today about my issues with my oncologist. He advised me to finish the basic treatment and, then, if I’m still having issues, ask him for another referral. He spoke to me for a good 15 minutes by phone and made some good points. I feel better simply for having had the conversation.

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