Cancer Journal 16, 2019

Part I

My wife reminded me to make a note of a new development. This morning, I notice a quite significant pain when I swallow hot coffee and cold water. And pain, though not so significant, accompanies swallowing anything else. The pain feels like it is in my chest, but obviously it must be in my esophagus. I assume it’s a side effect of the radiation treatment. I’ll have a word with the radiological oncologist tomorrow during my “meet the doctor” Thursday appointment.

Today (I’ll leave in just a few minutes), I go in for my 15th treatment, after which I will be half way through radiation. Celebrations are in order! I should have a nice, big shot of Maker’s Mark whiskey! Well, maybe not. But I want one. Instead, I’ll drink my aloe vera juice, which ostensibly should help minimize such things as the burning pain that accompanies swallowing coffee and everything else.

If, after my visit with the radiology techs this morning there’s anything else to report, I’ll continue with a Part II. If not, I won’t.


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  1. bev wigney says:

    I had kind of forgotten about the burning esophagus. Don had that too — his tumour as in a bad spot – fairly close to the esophagus. They were hitting it with a lot of radiation, so the effect started to build up after a couple of weeks. I can’t recall for sure, but I think he was given something to sip to help lessen the burning until he was through the last of his treatments.

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