Biopsy Biopsy, What Do You Show?

My moderate fear about the pain of the biopsy procedure was unfounded. Except for the insertion of the IV line. The nurse who did it, Andrew, was abysmal at finding a vein. His multiple attempts were absolutely excruciating. I’m glad his only role was stabbing me. Had he been on the actual biopsy team, I might have called it off. But he wasn’t, and it went quite well. The procedure seemed to be over in no time. But the follow-up, three hours in post-procedure observation, was boring in the extreme. Now, if only the results of the biopsy are similarly boring. Unfortunately, that’s not likely.

One oddity during today’s escapade was the announcement by the check-in staff that she could find no record of my oncologist in her system. Ultimately, she put my primary care physician in the record as the referring physician who will receive the results of the biopsy. I suppose I better talk to the group of doctors to ensure that the oncologist has the report in time for my visit with her next Monday.

The timing of the procedure coincided, unfortunately, with my wife having an awful pain in her lower back. She shouldn’t have been driving today, but I was required to have a driver. I suggested, when at 3:00 a.m. last night my wife was in agony, that we ask her sister to drive. She wouldn’t hear of it. I should have called Village Chauffeur, but it was too late and they wouldn’t have answered. Ach! But I should have done something. But I didn’t. I drove to Little Rock, but my wife took over behind the wheel after my procedure. I will drive her to the chiropractor tomorrow.

Tomorrow night, we participate in a mystery dinner. The mystery is that we have no idea where we’ll eat. We’ll get a call late in the afternoon, telling us where to meet. From there, I assume, we’ll be shuttled to our meal site. Interesting. I’m looking forward to it.

Monday is a long time coming. I want to know the results the moment they’re determined. But I won’t. So, another lesson in patience. I hate those lessons. I want them to be over. Now!




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  1. bev wigney says:

    Glad things went fairly well yesterday — without much pain. I hope you can banish the thoughts about it for a few days. A mystery dinner sounds kind of fun.

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