Beginning the Struggles

I posted a flippant question on a social media site recently, telling friends that I planned to write a story about a town I invented, asking who would like to be in the story. Eight people responded, giving me feedback on the characters they’d like to be. My friends suggested they wish to be the following characters to weave into my story:

  • a local bookie;
  • a middle-aged sarcastic bitch who’s a Russian spy, a sharpshooter, and an expert in poisons;
  • a busybody hairdresser with a past and an uncontrollable need to quote bad poetry;
  • a woman who will be happy to be cast in whatever role I choose;
  • a femme fatale or ruthless attorney, my choice;
  • a cynical old curmudgeon who’s actually sharp as a tack and a teller of fortunes;
  • a Tom Waits-like dispenser of advice and wisdom in the local skid row tavern;
  • a know-it-all old lady.

In addition, I’ve added an aging mystery man who fancies himself a writer but who, in reality, runs a tavern. My challenge is to write a nine-person short-story that accommodates the diversity of the people suggested to me. I will use my friends’ names in the story. I will call the mystery man Calypso Kneeblood. I am giving myself six weeks (April 19) to write, edit, and polish the story, starting today. Get ready, set, go!

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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