An Ongoing Fascination with International Breakfasts

Last night, I spent the evening researching a subject I wrote about back in November, breakfasts common in different parts of the world. Long ago, I concluded that people who claims certain dishes are the “typical” breakfasts in any locale are questionable sources. A “typical” Mexican breakfast, for example, describes a long list of foods that Mexicans might eat for breakfast; that list will vary by region and by individual experience and custom and by availability of ingredients.

When people have options, they tend to seek variety in their foods.  The same thing, day after day after day, becomes stunningly dull. That having been said, certain dishes are more common in some places than others; some are unique to a country or a region.

My research conducted last night was just the latest in indulging my curiosity about breakfasts around the world. I expect it to continue.  And, maybe, I’ve found a subject about which I might write some interesting and informative non-fiction.  That remains to be seen.  In the interim, I will continue my intrigue with such stuff as ackee with saltfish, bake and saltfish, uji, and kimchi-jjigae.

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