An Evolving Political Manifesto

I have repeatedly expressed my support for President Obama’s election…again.  I have spoken against the possibility of a Romney White House.  I have encouraged…and still do encourage…people to vote to return Obama to the Presidency.

You’d think I was a Democrat. Once, you’d be right. But now, you would be wrong.

I hold Democrats in only slightly higher regard than I do Republicans.  Both parties are guided by the lust for power.  Though the underlying principles upon which they are based are very different, they are too much alike.  I relate more to the Democratic platform, but I can’t say I agree with it.  Certainly, I can’t say I agree with its execution.  But, for today, I feel better supporting that platform than I do supporting the Republican platform that idolizes greed.

But once the election is behind us, I will formally and forcefully sever all ties with the Democratic Party in favor of working to advance the cause of a strong new party.  I expect the new party I will support to have many of its roots in the Green Party, but I expect it to have some foundation in, I shudder to say it, Republican pragmatism.   If I could modify the genetic code, I would temper the idealism of my youth (and my advancing old age) with the pragmatism of the real world  We will not achieve our goals if our goals are made of magic.  We will achieve our goals only if we accept that our goals must be built on the environments in which we find ourselves.

I don’t hold any hope for Democrats.  Nor for Republicans.  Certainly not for the Tea Party.  If there is hope, it is a party that sets it sights on the best of our principles, yet accommodates the world around it.  It is a party that never forgets its principles, but that never abandons its constituents in favor of its rigidity.

There will be more.  Much, much more.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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2 Responses to An Evolving Political Manifesto

  1. I wish I knew. I think the only hope for a third party is either a rich green billionaire or a huge outpouring of small donations from people who have reached their threshold of tolerance for bullshit!

  2. robin andrea says:

    I remember when Ross Perot made quite a third-party splash in 1992. I am beginning to think that in order for a third-party candidate to be taken seriously (to have a real impact on an election) s/he must have a lot of money. But the monied class often produces people who have no interest in the kind of politics you or I would favor. If only there were a super rich green billionaire. Why are the rich such selfish idiots?

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