Accepting the World on its Own Terms

As I sit and ponder whether my life, or any human life, fits on this planet, it occurs to me that I’ve been pondering the wrong question. It’s not about meaning, it’s about acknowledging that there is only one clear way to fit into a jigsaw puzzle. You fit where the surrounding pieces leave you a properly-configured space. You can try to fit into another place in the puzzle, but invariably the fit feels forced or the space is so unlike your shape that you just can’t  be comfortable there.

All the effort trying to fit in those slightly misshapen spaces, though, wears on the shape you started with and it wears on shapes you tried to go but didn’t fit. Then you realize you just have to fit where the fit’s best.  You accept the world on its own terms, because you can’t dictate the conditions of the deal.

About John Swinburn

"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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  1. Thank you, Lois. I’d kiss you, but you’re too far away. 😉

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