A Mexish or Perhaps Britican Breakfast

Some time ago, I received a text message from a friend who explained that she had made a Mexican-English fusion breakfast. Knowing how I enjoy breakfast, she thought I might like to know what she had done. She sliced and sautéed polenta, covered it with a dollop of refried beans, topped it with cheddar cheese and a slice of sautéed tomato and garnished with parsley. And she sautéed an English muffin, and topped it with hot-pepper peach jam. Now THAT is what I call fusion; it sounds marvelous, doesn’t it? One day, after I successfully compete the first phase of the South Beach diet [which, at present, is away on hiatus] (and any other phases that prohibit my ingestion of carb-laden foods on pain of eighty lashes), I shall try it.

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