A Little Ugliness

Just a couple of weeks ago, during my annual physical, I told my doctor my Crohn’s disease has been in remission for a number of years, with only a very rare flare-up. Yesterday, that very rare flare-up occurred; at least I assume that’s what it is.

My gut has been hurting like the devil (off and on) since yesterday morning. I hoped it would be a mild flare and that I could go about my regular business as normal, albeit uncomfortably. After a couple of hours in the pottery studio, it was obvious that was not to be. So, I spent much of the day, from before noon until around five o’clock, in bed, wishing for sleep that never came. Then, I got up for a while, watched television, worked on the computer, and otherwise puttered until about 8:30. I tried bed again. No luck.

I’ve been getting up every half hour or so, waves of gut pain jarring me out of my attempts to sleep. It’s now after 1:30; I’m going to try again. I suspect this post, and the quick rumination that follows, will be it for the day. I do so hope I can sleep, if just a few hours.



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  1. Trisha says:

    Sounds very painful. Hope you are feeling your ol’ self this morning, John!

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