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Gochujang Deviled Eggs

Gochujang Deviled Eggs

I’m considering the possibility of adding one more blog to the already innumerable food blogs available on the internet. American Food Bloggers list (as of today) of America’s Best Food Blogs, ranked by popularity and influence, lists 451 food blogs. With that much competition, why would I want to try to create a food blog? Well, first, I don’t consider those food blogs competition; I don’t expect a food blog I might create to find its way onto that list. Nor, for that matter, any list. I just want to have a more convenient place to post recipes, group them by cuisine and such, and make comments about them. And, of course, to post photos of dishes I make. Because…food! (Since I left Facebook, I have no suitable place to post the boatloads of food photos I take.) It would not hurt my feelings in the least, though, if other people who enjoy food and cooking and who do not feel those attributes give them any semblance of superiority over their fellow human beings, would follow the blog and/or post along with me, sharing intriguing morsels about cooking (see what I just did?) along the way.

I do not have a URL yet. I just started thinking about the possibility recently and, frankly, I haven’t given it a whole lot of thought. But I just might do it. The two-year cost for a URL, hosting, and related expenses probably would not exceed $250, given the first-year incentives given by some of the major players out there. That’s a chunk of change, but it’s not outlandish.

A food blog might be an alternative to my deeply-wished-for-book-I-want-to-create, Global Breakfast (breakfasts around the world). Just kicking the idea around. I am passionate about food, but not bat-shit crazy about it; I mean, I realize there are more important things in the world than my interest in food. And maybe, as part of a food blog, I might publish, in tandem, about hunger around the country and around the world and what we—each of us individually and all of us collectively—can do about it.

So, there you are. My latest hair-brained scheme, reveal in its infancy for all the world (or at least four or five visitors) to see.

By the way, I made those gochujang deviled eggs and they were, in my humble opinion, absolutely wonderful.


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