52 Ways to Leave Your Country

I have an ambitious idea, launched only moments ago. If I consider the amount of effort its execution will require, I will back away from it as an impossible fantasy. But that is not the way one reaches goals. That is not the way one achieves dreams. So I will consider the idea worthy of pursuit; I will consider it a challenging, but achievable, endeavor that will be entertaining, enjoyable, and educational. To make it easier, I’ll need to enlist the support of others who might be interested in participating in the endeavor to bring the idea to fruition. Here’s the idea:

During the course of one year (fifty-two weeks), every week I (and those who attach themselves like glue to the idea) will partake of one meal modeled after the cuisine of a different country. The menu, drawn from “typical” cuisine one might find in that country, will be made to, as closely as possible, taste like it might in the country of origin, using the ingredients used there (to the extent possible).

I don’t know when, or whether, I’ll start this ambitious undertaking. It depends in part on the ferocity of my interest and in part on the availability of willing participants (who would be charged/charge themselves) to contribute by taking on the preparation of the meals of various cuisines. That may be the biggest stumbling block.

I’ve developed a list of cuisines I might use as a guide:

  1. Moroccan
  2. Ethiopian
  3. Japanese
  4. French
  5. German
  6. Italian
  7. Spanish
  8. Dutch
  9. Canadian
  10. Peruvian
  11. Pakistani
  12. Chinese
  13. Portuguese
  14. Chilean
  15. Icelandic
  16. Uzbek
  17. Belgian
  18. Croatian
  19. Russian
  20. Mexican
  21. Israeli
  22. Turkish
  23. Salvadoran
  24. Greek
  25. Australian
  26. Vietnamese
  27. Finnish
  28. Venezuelan
  29. Serbian
  30. Scottish
  31. South African
  32. Argentinian
  33. Korean
  34. Brazilian
  35. Swedish
  36. Filipino
  37. Irish
  38. Polish
  39. Senegalese
  40. Bulgarian
  41. Indian
  42. Algerian
  43. Paraguayan
  44. Afghan
  45. Malaysian
  46. Mongolian
  47. Kenyan
  48. Iraqi
  49. Micronesian
  50. Taiwanese
  51. Egyptian
  52. Romanian

There you have it. Another idea spilling from the mind of a man whose interests always seem to lead back to his stomach and environs.

About John Swinburn

"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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