Montclair_5thGradeI did not recall the photo when a fifth grade classmate sent it to me not long ago. But it brought back memories. The little boy scowling at the camera is no longer the person he once was. He has become an acerbic geezer who snarls more with words than facial expressions. I wonder if anyone viewing the photo can recognize which kid is me?

This site—and especially the blog you can find herein—is my personal piece of real estate on the web.  It’s a forum in which I can express my opinions, share my fears and aspirations, argue my positions, challenge the positions of others, and generally behave as if I were a free man. My writing may on occasion be offensive to some people.  I do not write to offend anyone and hope the words on this site do not offend you; yet, if they do I will not apologize for them. Words are the currency of thought and emotion and I will apologize for neither.

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Thank you for visiting.


John Swinburn

2 Responses to Welcome

  1. You are a wonderful friend, Juan. I appreciate your support and kind words. I have nothing but admiration for your intellect, my friend. You are a THINKER!

  2. jserolf says:

    John: Always enjoy your blog and pass through it weekly.

    I especially love your words here: “I may on occasion write something that certain people might find offensive. Let me say I am unhappy if my words on this site offend you, but I will not apologize for them. Words are the currency of emotion and thought and I will apologize for neither.” That last sentence sinks home with me!

    If I had a wish, at least one would be that I could retire and focus on other forms of self-expression, but two divorces cleaned out my nest egg and I am doomed to labor until maybe as late as 68.

    I am, however, at least a teacher, and so there is some great “return” on that! I mean it, too!

    Write on, my Man! Right on!

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