Three Hundred Twenty-Eight

Pretend everything will be fine. Believe it. Behave as if it were true. And maybe it will be true. Whether everything will be fine or not, surely it will…be. That’s the way it is.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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3 Responses to Three Hundred Twenty-Eight

  1. jserolf says:

    Yes, it is, my writer friend. Lumet masterfully leads us to this cathartic scene,

    Of course I’m not religious, and while I used to position myself as a “catholic” with a small c (accepting of most religions), I don’t want to do that anymore. Religion is not convincing, it’s silly and for the workings of child-like minds.

    But the protagonist’s ending soliloquy can be interpreted and reapplied,and so while Galvin says “in my religion,” the text could be accepted as “in my belief”: his summation the jury reflects Galvin’s best work, as he is the underdog of Lumet’s film. I’m still upset that Lumet never took an academy award for any of his films.

    Thanks for blogging, John. Your blog is one of those sanctioned places of some sanity in this world.

  2. That is a moving, poignant, incredibly powerful scene. And it is so persuasive, isn’t it?

  3. jserolf says:

    Act as ye had faith and faith will be given you:

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