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The only significant matter to report is this: the hospital seems to be leaning toward releasing Janine to a residential rehabilitation facility, where she can get ongoing care and rehabilitation physical therapy. But that will depend on several issues, including:

  1. What the PT assesssment undertaken this afternoon reveals;
  2. The availability of residential beds (Good Sam, her first choice, does not have a bed and will not for at least a week); and
  3. The acceptance of a recommendation for inpatient rehab from both the “receiving” center (where she would go) and Medicare.

Because Good Sam is unavailable, she selected Encompass (formerly CHI Rehabilitation). Now, we’ll wait and see whether she will be accepted and authorized and, if so, when this will take place and for how long.

It’s possible the PT department will recommend home health care, instead; I hope not, in that I think she would get far better treatment in a facility designed for it.

Time will tell. I hope not too much time.

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