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It’s not a silly question.  Despite the fact that “everybody knows” what a friend is and how friendship develops and what it means to be a friend, it’s not a silly question.  What is a friend? There are dozens more … Continue reading

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He drifts slowly from consciousness, slipping from crisp coherence into a soft, shallow haze of semi-awareness. The clot of tangled detritus upon which he rests floats down the street, snagging a street sign, then a tree branch, then a lonely … Continue reading

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The Bedrock of Compromise

The following is an edited version of a post extracted from another of my blogs, written just over two years ago. I read the post again to determine whether my position has changed. It hasn’t. It pays to remind ourselves … Continue reading

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Tanning Laundries

Recently, my wife and I had a conversation about tanning salons.  They are everywhere. The only person, to my knowledge, I’ve ever known to regularly visit a tanning salon was a sociopath who used to steal from her employers…and may … Continue reading

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Prevarication or Procrastination

I lied. At least that’s the way it looks.  No paint.  No brushes. No caulk.  Nothing.  And today is not looking any better.  I have my reasons, mind you, but it appears, nonetheless, that I lied. And I am nothing, … Continue reading

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It’s time for me to return to the important task at hand: getting the house ready to sell. I’ve been remiss of late in that I’ve essentially withdrawn from my responsibilities for taking care of a lot of cosmetic necessities. … Continue reading

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Christian Nation

A friend of mine who shares many of my attitudes about religion suggested to me recently that I read a book, a novel, she had just started reading.  She suggested I would find it interesting, but she warned me that … Continue reading

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Hearing Voices

Wading through masses of “stuff” we’ve kept in boxes, drawers, bins, closets, and who knows where else, my wife came across some old cassette tapes.  Her encounter with the tapes happened as she was seeking to find things to give … Continue reading

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On occasion, I find myself feeling especially antisocial.  I feel utterly disinterested in conversation, in fact completely opposed to any interaction of whatever kind.  Today is one of those occasions.  I have an inkling of what brought it on this … Continue reading

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I trained the water from the nozzle of the hose on the grasshopper, knocking it off the wall. It half fell, half jumped onto the grass a few feet away, fleeing yet another obstacle to life. Another attack in a … Continue reading

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I’m only on day two of doing without and, as expected, I have had no difficulty doing without coffee.  But my coffee replacement, a 30+ minute morning walk, has been more of an adjustment than it should have been, considering … Continue reading

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Ora Pro Nobis

One recent weekend, my wife and I went for a long, aimless drive north and west of Dallas. Our trip took us to Bowie, where we had lunch at the Armadillo Grill, and then along a nearly deserted back road … Continue reading

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