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Today, finally, after months of delay and procrastinating about getting firewood, I will use my smoker.  I will smoke baby back ribs.  And they will be good. If I were honest about my doubts about my ability to build a … Continue reading

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This short story is fiction, but it’s based (very, very loosely) on real people who might…or might not…have bizarre fantasy lives. For many, many reasons, the names have been changed to protect those people. And myself. Mardina has spent much … Continue reading

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House Repairs and Indian Slums

Week before last, I had the broken ceiling joist above the garage repaired. In the process, pieces of sheet rock broke off, leaving gaping holes and cracks in the garage ceiling. So, today, I have guys in to replace the … Continue reading

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In Praise of Scallops

Last night, I cooked a dinner of seared sea scallops over wilted spinach and parmesan risotto.  It was the second or third time I’ve made the dish and my love for it has only grown with each time.  It is … Continue reading

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West Texas Road Trip

It was a whirlwind trip, mostly driving with very little in the way of stopping to take pictures.  But taking pictures wasn’t really what it was about, anyway.  It was about giving my older brother an opportunity to get out … Continue reading

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Couchsurfing Guests

Our visitors, couchsurfers, from New Zealand arrived on Thursday afternoon, having traveled on a big BMW motorcycle from Odessa, Texas where they stayed the night before.  The guy, Neil, had bought the motorcycle online some time ago, in preparation for … Continue reading

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I envy writers and sculptors.  Poets, especially.  Well, good ones. I don’t envy those whose ill-conceived and half-hearted attempts to communicate concepts and emotions simply spill spoiled ink on the page or shards of broken rock onto the ground. You … Continue reading

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Twenty-One Hours

Twenty-one hours after I woke up, I’m still awake.  But not for long.  I’m ready to try to sleep…I hope I can.  Normally, after being up 21 hours, it would be no problem.  But early today I did something, I … Continue reading

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Early Bird

For reasons unknown, I’d awakened at around 2:20 a.m.; wide awake with no chance of going back to sleep.  I futzed about for a while, then decided to go out for a middle-of-the-night breakfast. My wife is away for a … Continue reading

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Shadows of Liberty

I try to avoid being manipulated.  I try to avoid being led by people whose leadership is geared toward advancing their own agendas, meant only to serve their own self interests. I try.  But I cannot always tell whether I’m … Continue reading

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Don’t Wait for God

We all learn and appreciate and applaud important messages we read and hear.  But do they change our lives?  Do we change our behaviors because a message really hits home with us?  For some, yes.  For others, no.  Something I … Continue reading

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It went something like this…but this is almost certainly not precisely what I read…”You are never too young, nor too old, to begin to write your memoir. But you will never be old enough to finish the last one.” I … Continue reading

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Old Bones and Buddha and Searching for Home

One of my brothers lives in the country.  Not “in the country” on a manicured estate, not on a horse farm with beautifully painted barns and well-maintained pipe fences outlining lush fields of grass.  No, he lives in the country … Continue reading

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