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Exercises in Wonder: What If?

Many years ago, sometime in the early 1980s, I think, I was enamored of a film called Overdrawn at the Memory Bank,which starred Raúl Julia in the character of Aram Fingal, a programmer for NoviCorp, a global corporation that shared … Continue reading

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When I awoke this morning—which, at almost 7:00 a.m., was far later than usual—I could tell it was quite chilly outside.  Inside the house, it was toasty, quite a bit warmer than usual  for the cool Fall mornings we’ve been … Continue reading

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Ritualistic Chanting

After spending two very satisfying days with a brother and my niece and her husband, I’m adjusting to my version of normalcy.   They were wonderful days, too.  I enjoy my family, probably far more than I’ve ever told them. … Continue reading

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Mood Altering Experiences

I’m sometimes surprised at the extent to which my mood can change, sometimes dramatically, in response to external stimuli.  My outlook can plummet toward depression if I read a news article, for example, that reports a beating victim’s cries for … Continue reading

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The Appeal of a Buddhist Framework.

Some people consider Buddhism a religion.  I don’t.  I consider Buddism a perspective or a contextual reference, a  framework within which one can try to understand one’s relationship with the world in which one lives. I’ve struggled to understand why … Continue reading

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Ennui of a Deeply Personal Nature

I have not been in the mood to write much of late. but I thought I should post a few notes just to prove to myself that I remain moderately alive. The reasons for my lack of interest in recording … Continue reading

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A Tasty Disappointment

I made dinner tonight.  The idea was to have a nice vegetarian meal, tasty yet filling. So I browned slices of eggplant in olive oil, then layered the eggplant slices with slices of tomatoes and slices of onion, topping the … Continue reading

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Time Change

What does one do when one forgets to set the clock back an hour when Daylight Saving Time ends?  One wakes up an hour earlier than one planned.

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Remembering Mary Eleanor Swinburn

I don’t know quite what to do to celebrate my late sister’s birthday tomorrow, November 2.  She died February 19, 2010.  I guess I’ll just remember how remarkable she was.  She, more than anyone I know, made me understand why … Continue reading

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