Transforming Hardship

This Playing for Change piece is wonderful. Watch and listen; I think you’ll agree. Though all of the musicians are incredible, I especially love Aymee Noviola. Her eyes (about minute 5:14) struck me; she embodies happiness and pure joy, as expressed through her smile and, notably, those eyes.

As I listen to this piece and watch the musicians and those around them, many of them dressed in brightly colored clothes embellished with intricate accessories, I again realize I was born in the wrong place, yet part of my original self remains firmly affixed to the history that was to have been mine. Me llamo Juan Arroyocerdo y nací en 1953 en Palma Soriano, Cuba. Pero eso es una historia para otro momento. In the meantime, watch this mesmerizing video and be transported to a time and place in which joy overcomes hardship and bitterness.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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