The Sickness

I’ve felt a little weak and feverish and achy for several days, as if I were trying to catch a cold or the flu. This morning, after I returned from having a blood draw in connection with my annual physical scheduled for Monday, the sensations intensified. I asked my wife to feel my forehead to gauge where I might have a fever; she said I was a only a little warm. She asked whether I wanted her to get a thermometer to measure my temperature more precisely; no, I responded, that seemed like too much effort. And so I sat in my recliner, vegetating. Finally, fifteen minutes ago, I forced myself out of the chair. I suspect my next step, after finishing this brief post, will be to undress and get back in bed. But I am not sure whether that will help the way I feel; I’ve spend too much time in bed lately, causing my achy body to react negatively to being bed-ridden.

Crap! I’ve forgotten what one is supposed to do to treat a cold. My cough doesn’t seem to have gotten any worse (how could it?), but my body is rebelling against something and I want to quash the rebellion. Okay, I’ve typed as much as I can for the moment. I’ll try bed for awhile to see how that works.

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  1. Thanks, Linda. I think I’m improving, bit by bit. Hope you’re well, too!

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