Thank You for Your Patients

WordPress is being utterly uncooperative. Yesterday, with no warning and no discernable reason, it refused to show comments left on blog posts; not just new comments on new posts, but all comments on all posts. I can see that one or four or three comments were left, but those comments do not show up on the posts. I can read the comments if I log into my account, but they do not show up on the public area of my site. I’ve been wrestling with that problem since yesterday, to no avail. Then, today, as I was attempting to backup the site with a new plug-in, WordPress (or the plugin) put me in a perpetual loop, refusing to acknowledge the legitimacy of my Dropbox account. My patience is growing thin; it is now a fragile membrane a single cell thick. A stranger’s errant thought or glance from two miles away may be enough to rupture that microscopically thin film, releasing a torrent of pent-up rage in me that could incinerate Western civilization and severely damage the rest.

The proper reaction to the anger growing inside me is to make breakfast, shave, shower, and ready myself for my doctor’s appointment; my annual physical with a new physician (because the physician who previously served as my primary care doctor abandoned me and the rest of his patients in the Village, as I’ve mentioned before). All right, I will attempt to corral my burning fury with a quick bite to eat. I’m afraid, though, I might toast bread with the fire in my eyes, alone. Perhaps I should stick with water, which will turn to steam as I swallow it. Enough. I need patience right away. And the doctor needs patients to be calm, more or less.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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