Shorter Than Strange

With enormous thanks to JoAnn, who yesterday met me in a hospital parking lot to notarize a document, my to-do list became a tad shorter. Afterward, I did another couple of errands and, by the time I got home to make a copy of the document for my records, it was too late for the day’s mail pick-up, so I’ll drop it in the mail today. At the rate of progress I am making, I will complete my financial transactions checklist by my ninety-fifth birthday, when finally I will file my 2020 tax return. The world will be significantly different by then. The problem of global warming will have been solved and COVID-19 will be a distant memory. People born after the pandemic will be celebrating their 28th birthdays. Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies will have superseded old-style currencies in every corner of the globe. All but the most determined churches will have acknowledged the superior religious value of Spirituol, a once-a-week pill offering feelings of fulfillment, charity, completion, and other forms of mental and spiritual richness. Plastics, once a blight filling the planet’s oceans, will be a memory, thanks to human-guided mutations of bacteria that voraciously consume all forms of plastics. However, as the reserve of plastics declined, the bacteria mutated many times over, developing a hunger for coastlines. The resulting shrinkage of coasts will be among the most serious problems of the day. Hmmm. I think my reserve of mind-altering substances must be shrinking, as well, inasmuch as this little dance down the pathway toward madness appears to be winding down.


I had to make a point of getting up especially early this morning, because my pre-CT scan instructions are to avoid anything by mouth for the two hours leading up to my 8:00 a.m. scan. Food is easy to bypass at this hour. Liquid is not. While I sometimes (but rarely) forego coffee, in those instances at I require, at a minimum, water. This morning, I’ll have had some of each by the time my cell phone alarm warns me to stop. And at 6:15, my alarm will encourage me to shower and shave. I’ve been doing that daily for the last few days. As much as I resist, I feel much better after acquiescing to my arguments in favor of expending the energy to do it.


A woman came by yesterday afternoon to drive the Camry. Fortunately, I was able to jump-start it before she arrived (I told her over the phone it may have a dead battery). She seems to like it, but she wants a mechanic friend who lives in the Village but works in Little Rock to check it out. She asked whether I would allow her to drive it to Little Rock to have him check it out during daylight hours, if it becomes necessary. I agreed, but I am having second thoughts. I have only basic liability coverage on the car (it’s 19 years old). She made clear she is a hard bargainer. I told her I am somewhat flexible. I did not tell her I am not an easy mark, though. We’ll see. I’m in no particular rush, but I’d like it out of the driveway. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll take it to McCann’s Auto Mart.


It’s about time for my shave and shower. Perhaps I’ll write something later. Perhaps not.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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