Independence Days Ahead

I feel like I’m outside myself, watching a transformation of my political beliefs. I watched the Independent ticket town hall on CNN this evening, with Governors Gary Johnson and William Weld. I agreed with so much of what they had to say. Their insistence that compromise is absolutely necessary rang true with me. Their positions about issues as far-flung as marijuana and the use of force in Afghanistan mirrored my own. Yet I was concerned. Deeply concerned.

Though I found myself utterly at odds with them on fiscal issues, it wasn’t that political split that bothered me. It was the fact that I think they are likely to attract a lot of Democrats, many more than Republicans. And what that means is that Hillary Clinton, a woman with whom I have several enormous philosophical differences, will suffer. If Gary Johnson and William Weld had a snowball’s chance in hell of winning, I might vote for them. But they don’t. Not this year. The Independent Party hasn’t developed a sufficiently robust machine to make it happen. Instead, they will likely pull Democrats away from Clinton. Which would give Donald Trump the White House.

If Hillary Clinton wins in November, I will be deliriously relieved. But thereafter I will devote my political energies to a third party, perhaps the Independent Party. I am tired to the point of sickness of the Democratic Party’s platform as opposed to its performance. I think the Democratic Party, just like the Republican Party, has sold out to money. Neither party represents the citizenry, though the Democrats are far closer. But both should fear a strong, centrist movement that accepts compromise, values humanity, and places corporations far down on the list of entities that matter.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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  1. If Trump wins, as a result of the Independent candidates, my support will disappear. And so will I. I will try, if it’s possible, to leave this country if Trump is elected. His election would spell the end of American democracy, whether he morphs into a dictator or not.

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