Headspace and Breather

I just completed my first “Headspace” session, one of ten introductory freebies offered to expose prospective clients to online guided meditation and related ‘stuff.’ A friend’s daughter-in-law recommended Headspace to me.

Though I’ve done a bit of meditation in the past (including a session yesterday), the introductory session this morning was surprising in how good I felt after just ten minutes. In most of the other introductory programs I’ve experienced, I saw evidence of the value of meditation, but it seemed to me that considerable time would be required to actually get lasting value from it. This morning’s session was unlike the others; two minutes in, I was still acutely aware of the external environment around me, but after five or six minutes, I was more relaxed than I expected to be and more focused on my body and my breathing and how I felt in my space. It was intriguing.

Pleased with that ten-minute experience, I returned to yesterday’s program, moving on to another ten-minute program, “Breather II,” which was far better than yesterday’s and on par with today’s ten-minute introductory program.  After twenty minutes of guided meditation, I feel relaxed and at ease. The fog and rain, which prompted me to decide not to walk this morning, don’t bother me.

My writing for public consumption, aside from this blog, is on holiday at present. I am writing, but for now it’s for my eyes only. I guess my writing, for the moment, is a different form of meditation.



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