Free Association

Flinch. Twinge. Cringe. Sparkle. Shake. Stutter. Masticate. Articulate. Throng. Skeptic. Inclusive. Divisive. Embrace. Muscular. Delicate. Ephemeral. Taut. Soft. Massive. Maniacal. Voluptuous. Cunning. Shrink. Shirk. Study. Paternity. Modernity. Hysterical. Historical. Worship. Harsh. Death. Suicide. Completion. Solemnity. Poverty. Elemental. Vague. Crisp. Spastic. Effusive. Dull. Demonstrative. Orgasmic. Climactic. Wasted. Winded. Moribund. Bucolic. Brave. Frightened. Fabulous. Manly. Moronic. Ugly. Unmoved. Upper. Flush.

If you can solve the riddle, you deserve  my everlasting admiration. You won’t get it. Because I’m a much lesser man than I ever wished to be. But I have hope. At least a little.

About John Swinburn

"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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