Dimming of the Light

Eventually, the light dims. The sun slips beneath the horizon. Darkness falls like an opaque curtain, hiding the unseen creatures who thrive on the absence of light.

Fear grows in darkness, the way flowers flourish in light, except fear needs no nourishment; fear is its own food. Fear feeds on itself, a self-sustaining cannibal that defies logic and natural laws and the intricate web of faith that churches spin every Sunday.

Those long hours between sunset and sunrise can ruin an otherwise good day. How does one protect oneself from the horrors the night brings?

About John Swinburn

"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes "Intimacy is never wrong. It can be awkward, it can be unsettling, it can feel dangerous, it can seem out of place, but it’s never wrong."― John Swinburn
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