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Distant Thunder

Bone-shattering claps of thunder, accompanied by brilliant flashes of lightning, awaken in me a sense of awe and wonder and appreciation for  the power of the natural world.  I can sit for hours watching wave after wave of thunderstorms pass, … Continue reading

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The remainder of my first cup of coffee has long grown cold, leaving me with the dilemma of leaving my desk to replenish it with another hot, satisfying brew or staying here and finishing my thoughts.  I am sure there … Continue reading

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Canadian Tomatoes and Kansas Grapefruit

Last summer, one of my brothers planted tomatoes.  The plants grew and produced blossoms, but the fruit never set.  He theorized the high temperatures, both day and night, might be to blame.  From what I’ve read this morning, he’s probably … Continue reading

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The guy began to climb into the tree, using the ladder his partner had leaned against the trunk. He stepped up the rungs of the aluminum extension ladder until he reached the point at which the massive trunk split into … Continue reading

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Ice Crunch

The streets and sidewalks did not look as slick as they were.  They were  white, streaked in places with grey.  I knew enough that the grey places were probably sleet that had melted to form a sheet of ice, but … Continue reading

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stir-cra·zy [stur-krey-zee] adjective Slang. Informal. restless or frantic because of confinement, routine, etc.: I was stir-crazy after just two months of keeping house. mentally ill because of long imprisonment. I’d like to think the first definition is most appropriate to my situation. This brief period (it’s been just 24 hours or so) of being house-bound due to ice and broken tree limbs and … Continue reading

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The Last Jolt of Winter

Last night when I went to bed, about 11:00 pm, it was unusually warm…about 78 degrees. That’s not so uncommon for summertime temperatures, but we’re net yet in mid-April, so these beastly hot evening temperatures are neither expected nor appreciated. … Continue reading

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Spring Winds

Spring weather in north Texas tends toward the dramatic.  Last year—on April 3, 2012—a monstrous band of thunderstorms, some spawning tornadoes, ripped through the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  Video of semi-trailers being flung hundreds of feet in the air made national … Continue reading

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When I awoke this morning—which, at almost 7:00 a.m., was far later than usual—I could tell it was quite chilly outside.  Inside the house, it was toasty, quite a bit warmer than usual  for the cool Fall mornings we’ve been … Continue reading

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Weather Forecast

Today: Expect cataclysmic thunderstorms, some capable of producing epic floods and nuclear-force winds, to form before noon today along a line from Anchorage, Alaska to the western edge of Iceland.  A line of massive thunder showers was observed moments ago by … Continue reading

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