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A Fleeting Period of Perpetual Rain

Endless sunshine always is interrupted by fleeting periods of perpetual rain. The weather has always been this way. The everlasting pattern of dark and wet, then bright and dry, will continue forever, until it ends. Everything is impermanent and has … Continue reading

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Mental Sprawl

According to a news story I read a day or two ago, scientists or physicians or some other academically qualified researchers have determined that anger can be a symptom of depression. As I recall, the piece suggested that people who … Continue reading

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Of Words and Weather and Automotive Maturation

Uncharacteristically cool temperatures for late July and early August give me hope. Soul-crushing hot weather tends to sear despair into my brain, but the scar heals quickly when evening and early morning temperatures dip into the sixties. Were it not … Continue reading

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Discomfiture Made Me Do It

The shame and discomfiture of my inactive fingers overtakes me; I must post SOMETHING on this blog or admit I am not a writer. It’s been more than a week since I posted an incoherent soul-search that attempted to discover … Continue reading

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Calamity without Forgiveness

By the looks of it, the end times have come. The sky is attacking the ground and everything using the ground as a foundation for the future, with a vengeance unmatched in modern times. Trees—whipped into screaming children attempting to … Continue reading

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About Things on My Mind

Americans may be more inclined toward arrogance than most, but they do not hold the franchise. I have witnessed displays of American and French and British arrogance, along with non-specific Arab arrogance during our trip thus far. I mention those … Continue reading

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Crack, Sizzle, the Sky is Alive

Half an hour ago, the NOAA weather radio awakened me with a loud announcement that a severe thunderstorm watch had been issued for parts of Arkansas, including Garland county, which is where we live. Moments after the announcement ended, flashes of … Continue reading

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There’s a word for the smell of fresh rain, an aroma that evokes memories of my childhood better than any other. The word is petrichor, derived from the Greek words petra (stone) and ichor (the blood of the gods), coined … Continue reading

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Opposites Attract

The clear, blue sky would be of no consequence to us if not for its contrast with low, grey, growling clouds showering us with rain and snow and hail and mist. A still, quiet morning is appealing in part because it … Continue reading

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Confusion Reigns

I awoke considerably later than usual this morning, having allowed myself to stay up later than I usually do. Once up, I wrote my daily “ruminations” post, then went back to bed. Less than an hour later, the weather radio … Continue reading

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Screaming Radio

Several times last night and in the wee hours of this morning, the screaming NOAA weather radio jolted us awake. First, around 9:00 p.m., came an announcement of the issuance a flash-flood warning for Garland County, where we live. Then, around 11:30 … Continue reading

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Spring in the Village

The unmistakable signs of Spring abound. White buds appeared on pear trees almost overnight. The blossoms of redbud trees, now just barely visible, show promise of a full-on show in short order. Daffodils sprout like weeds, their yellow flowers a welcome … Continue reading

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Fifteen Degrees

That’s what my computer claims the outdoor temperature is at the moment.  Fifteen degrees.  That is cold.  Down right frigid. No matter where you are, fifteen degrees is more than moderately brisk. Even if my computer is wrong and, instead, … Continue reading

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Snowerism and Icyness

Weather people are telling us to expect craziness.  Wild, unchecked, massively bizarre weirdness.  Snow and sleet and freezing rain and sprays of icy woofka. Every single county in Arkansas is under a winter storm warning. We’ve seen a lot of … Continue reading

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A Little Bit of Winter

Cold weather is not my thing, but I do love the look of the fourth season!

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