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Memories of Home, of New Mexico

This morning, as I thumbed through an old blog I downloaded before I killed it off several years ago (if one can thumb through an electronic document), I came upon a lengthy post about a trip my wife and I made to New … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life of…Some People

Yesterday’s explorations began early, encouraged by the promise of a free promotional license plate and the allure of a pancake breakfast. We left the house around 6:15, two and a quarter hours after I got up, an unusually early start for my … Continue reading

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Reaching for the Golden Ring

I once stayed a few days in the Golden Ring Hotel in Moscow, Russia, not far from Red Square and the Kremlin. As I recall my room, it was not particularly special by U.S. standards, but it was beyond decent. … Continue reading

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The Trips Untaken

Our plans for a four- or five-day getaway have fallen apart, thanks to our trust in meteorologists’ forecasts. We had intended to get in the car this morning and decide which direction to go. We might have decided to head … Continue reading

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Remembering a NYC Visit

I was looking through a billion old photos this morning and came across this one of my wife, sitting in the biergarten at Loreley Restaurant and Biergarten in New York City in the summer (if memory serves) of 2009. We … Continue reading

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Recipe for Uzbek Soup (Moshhorda)

Following is the recipe for the Uzbek soup our couchsurfer visitors prepared for us last night.  It was beyond wonderful.  Our visitors, biologists from the St. Louis area, were a delightful couple who have traveled extensively throughout Uzbekistan, Khazakstan, Russia, Mongolia, … Continue reading

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Compressing Time and Capabilities

Yesterday, as my wife and her sister and I drove to Little Rock for a relaxing day of bumming around, we passed signs of road work.  Dozens, if not hundreds, of traffic cones, highway construction warning signs, and “narrow lanes … Continue reading

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Recollected Travel Wishes

Almost six years ago, just after Christmas, my wife and I drove along the Texas coast, aimlessly wandering from town to town, taking in the views and atmosphere.  We stopped at a place called the Bayview Duck Restaurant and Pub, … Continue reading

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Fort Smith and Beyond

I have been remiss in failing to write a dedicated post about our trip to visit friends in Fort Smith, who then took us to Bentonville to see Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.  With this post, I will address … Continue reading

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Flights of Fancy

Some days, thousands of thoughts flood my brain.  On those days, my creativity seems to be bubbling over, my mind racing in high gear.  On those days, it’s hard to concentrate on any one thing because there’s just so much … Continue reading

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Scenic getaway day

First, the photos, then the narrative. All four photos were taken on the Talimena Scenic Drive, west and northwest of Mena, Arkansas.   We took US 270 from Hot Springs this morning, heading west. When we got to the intersection … Continue reading

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In Lieu of Excitement

The cool front, promised in the early evening television weather forecast, did not arrive as predicted.  I had hoped to walk outside this morning to find markedly cooler temperatures, but was disappointed. When I looked at the outdoor thermometer a few … Continue reading

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Roadfood in Three Acts

Traffic between Little Rock and Memphis is surprisingly heavy. The enormous volume of 18-wheelers flowing down I-40 made impossible the achievement of my usual level of road-trip nirvana. Were it not for the fact that we had planned a one-day round trip, … Continue reading

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Indian Food on the Brain

We made a quick trip to Benton and Bryant yesterday, about 45 miles one-way. Our first stop was at a furniture store; we do not need any furniture, but my favorite wife decided she needed to see what sort of stuff the place stocks, anyway.  … Continue reading

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I just read a piece on yesterday’s NPR Morning Edition website about John Waters’ new book, Carsick, which chronicles his experiences hitchhiking from his home in Baltimore to his apartment in San Francisco.  That is the sort of experience I’d like to have, … Continue reading

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Arkansas Highway 7

Arkansas Highway 7 was designated a state “scenic byway” for good reason.  The road features some truly stunning scenery, especially as it wanders through the Ouachita Mountains and through the Ouachita National Forest.  Steep grades and sharp curves are common … Continue reading

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Getting Acquainted with Hot Springs

I’ve posted very little about our new home and its environs, primarily because we’re not yet in our new home.  If all goes according to plan, a week from today the movers will deliver our furnishings and we can begin … Continue reading

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Settling In

On Saturday, we drove to Little Rock to have discussions at a branch bank about setting up telephone wire transfers.  We’re not confident that will be an option when we close on our house; another trip may be required to … Continue reading

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When we were in Big Bend National Park a few weeks ago, this guy decided to rest next to the irrigation pipe (behind him), which was just below our balcony.  We took several photos with my wife’s phone; it’s a … Continue reading

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Big Bend and Beyond

Day 1: We left the house early, around 6:00 a.m., a 570-mile drive ahead of us. We didn’t bother with breakfast before we hit the road, as every minute we delayed would put us deeper in heavy Dallas traffic; breakfast … Continue reading

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Seeing…actually seeing…time

The last three days, during which I have had extremely limited access to the internet, have made my decision to forego Facebook an easier task.  I haven’t been able to peer and post without wi-fi or cell service. But I … Continue reading

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The Road

I had a conversation yesterday with an acquaintance who rents out half of her 1940s duplex (a couple of blocks off Lower Greenville in the “M Streets” area of Dallas) to people who would rather not experience a locale by … Continue reading

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Ridin’ the Rails

We’re contemplating another long trip, this time by train. I say “we,” but the contemplation is mostly mine; my wife is indulging my dreamery and allowing as to how she would be OK with the trip if I take care … Continue reading

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Finding Places–Ohio and Beyond

We started the trip on Tuesday, August 27, around 11:30 a.m.  We had planned to start it Monday (and before Monday, Sunday and Saturday and the week before…but never mind), but decided for a variety of reasons that we should … Continue reading

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On the Road

After four nights being hosted by my nephew and his lovely wife, we’re about to hit the road again. We may drift east or north, we may turn back toward home, taking a more westerly route.  Only after getting in … Continue reading

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