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Postprandial Ruminations

The Little Apple Brewing Company was a bit of a disappointment. The food was fine, but the single beer (the Riley’s Red Ale) was just adequate. And the atmosphere was most definitely not the sort I’m used to experiencing in … Continue reading

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Road Tripping in the K States and Going Global

The morning is warm and humid. A short walk to the neighbors’ house to one side of us, to pick up their newspaper, resulted in sweaty skin and a shortness of breath indicative of inadequate exercise. I’ve been promising myself … Continue reading

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Drifting Through a State of Mind

Approximately four hours after we left Hot Springs Village, we arrived in Bentonville/Rogers. First stop was a furniture store whose website advertised that they carry the Mostly Danish Furniture brand of home furnishings. The sales staff and management did not … Continue reading

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Kilns and Flights and Preference for Empty Space

Yesterday, I went to the sculpture studio early and spent a short while working on a bust that’s in the same visual style as many of my masks; odd and alien. For many reasons, not the least of which was … Continue reading

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Should I Die in New Zealand?

When we lived in Dallas, fierce thunderstorms were not strangers. They swept through the area with some regularity, sometimes bringing with them astonishing hail that ruined roofs and left cars pockmarked with evidence of Mother Nature’s fury that simply could … Continue reading

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Ill and Alone

My friend, Myra, wound up in a Lexington, Kentucky hospital emergency room yesterday. I don’t know just what led her there, aside from intense pain. I spoke with her last night from her hospital bed (the hospital admitted her) after learning of … Continue reading

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Frolics in France

Yesterday, we all piled in two cars and drove to Gordes, a beautiful little village a short drive away. It was, as expected, packed with tourists. They had come for the stunning views of the valleys below and the quaint, … Continue reading

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Hen Peckery

The pizza is not what I expected. But that’s all right. I had no expectations about pizza. Indeed, I had no plans to eat pizza. But the time and the place and the menu conspired to place pizza before me. … Continue reading

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And Then…

After relaxing for awhile Sunday afternoon, the three of us (my wife, my sister, and I) headed out in search of dinner. We chose Tapas Café on Cours Mirabeau, a very busy boulevard packed with people, in spite of the … Continue reading

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First Days, Aix-en-Provence.

The day began at 4:00 a.m., with a wake-up alarm and a shower, followed by a ride service to the airport. We learned, on arrival at the airport, that our transportation service accepts only cash and checks, no credit cards. … Continue reading

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A Recurring Theme

The most recent ember, I think, was the Crystal Bridges museum exhibition, The Open Road: Photography and the American Road Trip. The exhibit features more than 100 photos taken by 19 photographers as they traveled across the USA from the 1950s through … Continue reading

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Dribs and Drabs of Dallas

The drive to Dallas was wet, especially early on as we left Hot Springs Village. Rain swept over the car in torrents, giving the windshield wipers a challenge they barely met. Once we merged onto I-30, about thirty-five miles from … Continue reading

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Iceland, Yes, Iceland

Have you ever wanted to go to Iceland? Yeah.  Me, too.  How about Finland? Yeah, I’ve been there once (just one day in Helsinki); I want to go back and spend a bit more time. On a whim, I checked … Continue reading

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Baiser Français

We are in the early stages of planning a trip to southern France. My approach to preparation for the trip involves learning some of the more mundane aspects of French life, with an eye toward enabling us to blend in, … Continue reading

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Longing for the Road

Yesterday, I wrote that I planned to take a risk with this blog and make the strongest arguments I could in opposition to raising the minimum wage. And I will. But not today, even though that’s what I intended to … Continue reading

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Many days, I feel the urge to drive long, lonely highways toward an obscure destination, some distant place whose only allure is its remoteness and privacy. I know nothing of this place other than it requires considerable time and concerted effort to reach. I’m not … Continue reading

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New York, New York

I have neither the patience nor the inclination to make this travelogue as rich and full as it could be; the trip was all that and more. But this will serve as a reminder of our 2015 trip to New … Continue reading

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Limping Home

After a day of long waits, flight delays, traipsing from LaGuardia to National in DC (changing planes and being transferred between gates by a bus stopped to allow a plane to refuel) to Chicago O’hare (changing terminals and planes while … Continue reading

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Vacation Coming to a Close

So many things left unseen, undone, unexperienced. That’s how vacations go, isn’t it? The energy required to see all the sights, go to all the places on the list of “must sees,” and explore all the places heretofore unseen is … Continue reading

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Fly Away

While enjoying our long awaited trip to New York City, I may not spend much time on my blog.  In fact, I may only post one message each day and I may  get lazy and write several of my daily ruminations … Continue reading

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Yesterday afternoon, we visited a travel agency in the Village.  Then, later, we attended a program designed to acquaint interested parties with two cruises offered under the auspices of the Kiwanis Club.  One cruise, the one of most interest, goes … Continue reading

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Memories of Home, of New Mexico

This morning, as I thumbed through an old blog I downloaded before I killed it off several years ago (if one can thumb through an electronic document), I came upon a lengthy post about a trip my wife and I made to New … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life of…Some People

Yesterday’s explorations began early, encouraged by the promise of a free promotional license plate and the allure of a pancake breakfast. We left the house around 6:15, two and a quarter hours after I got up, an unusually early start for my … Continue reading

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Reaching for the Golden Ring

I once stayed a few days in the Golden Ring Hotel in Moscow, Russia, not far from Red Square and the Kremlin. As I recall my room, it was not particularly special by U.S. standards, but it was beyond decent. … Continue reading

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The Trips Untaken

Our plans for a four- or five-day getaway have fallen apart, thanks to our trust in meteorologists’ forecasts. We had intended to get in the car this morning and decide which direction to go. We might have decided to head … Continue reading

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