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And Then There Was Beer…

The flight from Guadalajara to Dallas was uneventful. The reception in Dallas by the U.S. Government bureaucracy was upsetting in the extreme. Customs and immigration, both of which have been recipients of obscenely enormous investments in recent years, demonstrated the … Continue reading

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On Wisdom and Travel and Self-Reflection

I do not know the originator of the following concept, but I applaud his or her wisdom in expressing it: If you can’t intelligently argue for both sides of an issue, you don’t understand the issue well enough to argue … Continue reading

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Implied Promise

What is an implied promise? Is a strong suggestion an implied promise? (You’ll have to assume an implicit action is associated with the strong suggestion.) Is a statement of future fact an implied promise? And what, by the way, is … Continue reading

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The Truth as I Know It

Recently,  I wrote  about  Death’s Door  Gin.  I wasn’t  making it up. It’s a real thing. A large but surprisingly light (for its size) package arrived sometime yesterday afternoon/evening, while we were away. When I opened it, I found another … Continue reading

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Wide Open Spaces

Yesterday—during our drive to Morrilton and then to Russellville and to Dardenelle and, finally, back to Hot Springs Village—I realized again how much I miss wide open spaces. I love looking at pastures and flat, open land that stretches to … Continue reading

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Old Home Week

We arrived at the fringes of Corpus Christi yesterday afternoon around 4:30, locating our newish hotel situated in an industrial district near the Coastal Bend State Veterans Cemetary.  All along Interstate 37, our route into the city, chemical and/or petrochemical … Continue reading

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Is It Going To or Running From?

A friend—a woman who worked for me years ago and is largely responsible for our move to Hot Springs Village—is in town and will spend the next few days with us.  Her husband died a couple of months ago and … Continue reading

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Less Traveled

My wife and I have had extremely good fortune with regard to travel. We’ve been lots of places, both together and separately, that would cause a lot of people to express envy at our good fortune.  But the degree of … Continue reading

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We Went Somewhere

A fellow blogger challenged a few other bloggers in a small band of writers to write about a memorable trip with my special someone. I thought long and hard about it. I’ve had so many memorable adventures with my wife, … Continue reading

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Postprandial Ruminations

The Little Apple Brewing Company was a bit of a disappointment. The food was fine, but the single beer (the Riley’s Red Ale) was just adequate. And the atmosphere was most definitely not the sort I’m used to experiencing in … Continue reading

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Road Tripping in the K States and Going Global

The morning is warm and humid. A short walk to the neighbors’ house to one side of us, to pick up their newspaper, resulted in sweaty skin and a shortness of breath indicative of inadequate exercise. I’ve been promising myself … Continue reading

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Drifting Through a State of Mind

Approximately four hours after we left Hot Springs Village, we arrived in Bentonville/Rogers. First stop was a furniture store whose website advertised that they carry the Mostly Danish Furniture brand of home furnishings. The sales staff and management did not … Continue reading

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Kilns and Flights and Preference for Empty Space

Yesterday, I went to the sculpture studio early and spent a short while working on a bust that’s in the same visual style as many of my masks; odd and alien. For many reasons, not the least of which was … Continue reading

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Should I Die in New Zealand?

When we lived in Dallas, fierce thunderstorms were not strangers. They swept through the area with some regularity, sometimes bringing with them astonishing hail that ruined roofs and left cars pockmarked with evidence of Mother Nature’s fury that simply could … Continue reading

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Ill and Alone

My friend, Myra, wound up in a Lexington, Kentucky hospital emergency room yesterday. I don’t know just what led her there, aside from intense pain. I spoke with her last night from her hospital bed (the hospital admitted her) after learning of … Continue reading

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