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Recollections of Writing

I spent the better part of the day yesterday reading posts from an old blog I had been able to restore from a backup file. Either I’d forgotten I’d created the backup or had tried to restore it unsuccessfully in the … Continue reading

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A Constitutional Rant

I wish, sincerely, Second Amendment advocates and “strict constructionists” of the Constitution would do their effing homework. Just for the record, here’ s a brief synopsis of the real world: U.S. Constitution (absent the first ten amendments) was adopted in … Continue reading

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Oh, Please, Make Them Go Away

I just read a news article that reported on Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s order to the Texas State Guard to monitor a Navy SEAL/Green Beret joint training exercise (Operation Jade Helm). Apparently, right-wing militia conspiracy theorists convinced the Governor the exercises are a … Continue reading

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Trends in Benign Neglect

I read something not long ago  in which the term “benign neglect” was used.  My memory tells me it was used to describe a suggested policy in which improvements in education would occur if the State would just stop investing time and … Continue reading

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Books that Write Themselves

If you pay attention (and even if you don’t), you will be given the gift of a bizarre set of characters for almost any book you’d like to write, though I should warn you, others are writing the same books. … Continue reading

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The reasons for starting I cannot recall,  but I have occasionally been reading, online,  The Globe & Mail. I suppose it has to do with the fact that I find much about Canada interesting and refreshing, though I’ve learned that even perpetually polite Canada can … Continue reading

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I have just spent almost an hour reading about various proposed amendments to the Arkansas State Constitution and other ballot issues and initiatives for the election.  It is no wonder the number of votes cast on ballot initiatives are, as … Continue reading

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What Is It Good For? Absolutely Nothing.

It is disturbing to read that Japan’s long-held policy of pacificism, stated explicitly in its constitution since 1946, is being “reinterepreted.  One statement from the document states “The Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation … Continue reading

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The Genesis of the Future

Writers…fiction, nonfiction, and science fiction…have an exceptional history of talking and writing about things that, at the time, sound implausible…the stuff of fiction…but later become reality. Some examples: Person Prediction H.G. Wells Atomic bombs Arthur C. Clarke Online newspapers Aldous … Continue reading

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Baby Steps

I was surprised last night to learn that programming of value is available on the Fox Network.  I suppose I’ve allowed myself to identify Fox only with Fox News, which I find abysmally shallow, slanted, and deeply deceptive.  But there … Continue reading

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The Sotomayor Order

Perhaps I just don’t understand the full scope of the issue…or perhaps I understand it and am simply in disagreement with a lot of people with whom I’m normally in political lockstep.  In either case, I’ll go on record in … Continue reading

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Singular Solutions

I once had enormous faith in the ability of science and technology to solve the monstrous problems confronting humankind.  Lately, though, my confidence has ebbed as I’ve come to acknowledge that astonishing breakthroughs in science and technology frequently come with a … Continue reading

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Le jeu n’en vaut pas la chandelle

“The game is not worth the candle.” It’s a favorite phrase of mine; it says so much, so economically. The last time I used it was well over a year ago.  The phrase is said to have originated with a … Continue reading

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Urban Justice

I awoke at 4:30 a.m. this morning from a frightening dream,  my heart pounding. In the dream, I was trying to catch up to my wife, who was running, far ahead of me, with a crowd of other people toward doors … Continue reading

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Wind and Money

A series of recent coincidences led me to delve a bit deeper into the growing drive toward wind-powered electricity generation.  Not awfully deep, mind you, but deeper than I’d been of late. First, my wife and I had gone for … Continue reading

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The endgame for those who have engineered the shutdown of our government is horribly, horribly clear. I urge everyone to watch and listen to this piece, share it, and then to make their views known to their Congressmen and Senators. … Continue reading

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The Bedrock of Compromise

The following is an edited version of a post extracted from another of my blogs, written just over two years ago. I read the post again to determine whether my position has changed. It hasn’t. It pays to remind ourselves … Continue reading

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Christian Nation

A friend of mine who shares many of my attitudes about religion suggested to me recently that I read a book, a novel, she had just started reading.  She suggested I would find it interesting, but she warned me that … Continue reading

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Beer’s Calming Effect

This is one of two posts for today.  One is frivolous.  I’ll leave it to you to decide what the other is. Yesterday’s beer haul (pun intended) included the following: 512 Whiskey Double Pecan Porter, a porter (obviously); Tilburgs Dutch … Continue reading

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A Cheery Socio-Political Diatribe

I have long since abandoned the misconception that world governments and the media are sources of reliable information.   Instead, I have come to the conclusion that public statements from each of those two elements of “civilized society” are far … Continue reading

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Too Little Sleep

I wonder what it is that dashes expectations and wishes on the rocks?  Whatever crushes those crucial components of hope should be incinerated.  None of us need such oppression. But here we are.  My mood proves to me that, on … Continue reading

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An Evolving Political Manifesto

I have repeatedly expressed my support for President Obama’s election…again.  I have spoken against the possibility of a Romney White House.  I have encouraged…and still do encourage…people to vote to return Obama to the Presidency. You’d think I was a … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts

Fashion Models It occurred to me before but as I was skimming an old copy of D Magazine it struck me again.  Young female fashion models who have their photos taken wearing haute couture, whether  bikinis and impossibly tall spiked heels … Continue reading

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The Game is Not Worth the Candle. Again.

If you are among the few who have read my comments in years past, you may recognize my assessment of the political choices that face us this November: the game is not worth the candle.  It hurts me deeply to … Continue reading

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No Light

Politics is becoming an increasingly vile, disreputable, dangerous business.  I watch political candidates and their surrogates attack one another with no regard to core issues.  They attack with the sole purpose of drawing blood, hurting their opponents, tricking their constituents … Continue reading

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