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I’m in an eclectic musical mood, brought about, perhaps, by my earlier exorcism. Music helps me think or, more precisely, helps me analyze my thoughts. The playlist so far this morning, thanks to Spotify: Stranger in a Strange Land, Leon Russell … Continue reading

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Transforming Hardship

This Playing for Change piece is wonderful. Watch and listen; I think you’ll agree. Though all of the musicians are incredible, I especially love Aymee Noviola. Her eyes (about minute 5:14) struck me; she embodies happiness and pure joy, as … Continue reading

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Food and Music and Coincidental Clothes

The unfortunate reality of yesterday’s lunch was this: the food did not tip the orgasmeter as I hoped it would. The amuse bouche was all right, though its presentation and the explanation given by the server were disappointing. The butternut … Continue reading

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Un Qualunque Mattino

Some of my favorite tunes are by Gianmaria Testa, an Italian singer-songwriter. I do not understand the words to any of his music because I do not speak Italian, but I think I understand the emotions of the music. Still, I wish I … Continue reading

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Last Night’s Living

Last night, we went to the Garland County Library for a program sponsored by the library and the Hot Springs Jazz Society. I expected it would be a good program.  It was better than good; it was spectacular.  The poets … Continue reading

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Some of My Favorite Things

I listen to Take Five by Dave Brubeck and feel like I belong in a different era. It’s not that I really believe I’m out of step with today, it’s that I think some people today are out of step with … Continue reading

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One Friday in Retirement

As I was perusing Tim Ernst’s website this morning, I discovered on this page a photo of what I think was the Roadtrek RV I saw sitting in the Coronado Center parking lot yesterday morning.  I remarked to my sister-in-law that, not … Continue reading

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Losing Track of Time

Alone in a room filled with music, I lose track of time.  Not just minutes and hours, but years.  Decades intermingle like friends from high school, together briefly after lifetimes apart, trying desperately to tell all the important news lost … Continue reading

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Search for Meaning

Lust and muscle and bone and blood, he was a tangled fury, when he fell with a thud. His eyes were blazing but his nerves were shot, he tried to move, but found he could not. The edge of the … Continue reading

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Hey, Little Sister…

Courtesy of Codeine Velvet Club. Via my friend Ellie and her favorite husband, Mistah!

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Living in the Last Century

I can’t quite describe how it feels, but for some reason, it feels like I’m living in the last century, the late 1950s to be precise.  I’m referring only to tonight, not to my life in general.  But tonight is … Continue reading

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One of My Musical Interests

Some music I find of interest. Neutral Milk Hotel, playing “In the Aeroplane over the Sea.”

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Gouda Hash

Mike majored in belligerence and minored in hate, and took a course in loathing from a girl he used to date. He then went on to grad school to study poverty and sin but he didn’t want to finish, ’cause … Continue reading

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John Gorka and so forth…

John Gorka writes and sings the way I feel.  I only wish I had poetry coursing through my veins the way he does.  I admire creative people, people who can express emotions in ways us “common folk” can appreciate.  When … Continue reading

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I believe Norah Jones could have been my soulmate in another life.

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